Seizure No.6 by Matuss

Julia Matuss aka Matuss returns to her Absence Seizure imprint with Seizure No.6, comprising of four original compositions from the New York based artist.

Seizure No.6 by Matuss Photo by Absence Seizure Music

Since launching the Absence Seizure imprint in 2014 alongside producer friend Abe Duque, New York’s Matuss has carved out an impressive back-catalogue with this new release marking its sixth and previous material garnering the attention of acts like Derek Plaslaiko, Beaner, DJ Deep, TWR72 and Norman Methner.

Once again Julia Matuss, better known as simply Matuss, is at the controls to deliver four original compositions, the first of which ‘La Folie’ sees her deliver a haunting slice of tension building Techno via throbbing bass, organic percussion hits and subtly evolving distorted rhythms. ‘Muirr’ follows and takes a more reserved strip back approach with swirling bass tones and sparse drums gradually building towards a frenzied fusion of psychedelic synth swells, vocal stabs and acidic hits.

Opening the flip side of the record is ‘I Hate Valentine’s Day’, a murky five-minute number employing mind-bending low end drones, dynamic off-kilter percussion and sweeping atmospherics before ‘Acid Slay’ closes, and as the name would suggest lays focus on tripped-out acid licks alongside chugging bass and minimalistic drums.

Matuss - Seizure No.6
Release Date 24th February 2017
Label Absence Seizure Music

1. La Folie
2. Muirr
3. I Hate Valentine’s Day
4. Acid Slay

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