Sequential by N1NJA feat. Zayn Mohammed

N1NJA continues a superb run of productions with another standout single alongside Zayn Mohammed on Cafe Da Anatolia.

Sequential by N1NJA feat. Zayn Mohammed Art by Cafe de Anatolia

This one comes hot on the heels of a fine outing on Robbie Akbal's newly launched Midnight Riders label and is the latest gem in the ever-growing treasure trove of music from London-born Farah Nanji. On her creative canvas, she seamlessly paints influences from her Indian and African roots. Her musical journey extends to labels such as Mobilee and Sol Selectas, showcasing her ability to weave multiple sonic landscapes. Add in her own no.1 podcast series, lecturing at Point Blank, and a TEDx Talk on the topic of rewiring the brain, and there are few more creative minds than N1NJA out there right now.

"Sequential" emerges as a mesmerizing fusion of melodic techno - artfully intertwined with the captivating sounds of the ancient spike fiddle, the Turkish "Rebab," expertly played like an Indian Sarangi by Zayn Mohammed, an award-winning guitarist & multi-instrumentalist. Zayn lends his enchanting instrumental skills to conjure intricate melodies that resonate with sacred sounds.

Together, N1NJA & Zayn craft a captivating dance of soundscapes where progressive pads ebb and flow alongside dreamy arpeggiators while haunting notes immerse listeners in a sense of tension that is beautifully resolved when the drop lands with even more cosmic synth detail.

N1NJA feat. Zayn Mohammed - Sequential
Release Date October 2023
Label Cafe de Anatolia

1. Sequential

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