Shlomi Aber presents Remote 101 EP

Shlomi Aber returns to Chris Liebing's legendary CLR with his new EP, Remote 101 EP, this month.

Shlomi Aber presents Remote 101 EP Photo by CLR/Shlomi Aber

Be As One boss Shlomi Aber has been DJing and producing since 1994, bringing his unique style of Techno to esteemed imprints such as Cocoon, Ovum, Nonplus, Figure, and of course, CLR. Returning to Chris Liebing's imprint, Aber follows his 2022 EP, which spent nine months in the Top Ten Beatport's Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) section, with another four killer techno tracks.

Leading the release, "Righ" combines raw, buzzing basslines with crunching percussion that evolve alongside twisted vocals, kicking off the release with real menace. "Time and Space" heads for trippier territories, deploying spaced-out voices buried under rattling atmospherics and pounding drums. "Chasing" follows, bringing a propulsive and energetic vibe before the title track, "Remote 101," closes out proceedings with sizzling drum hits and intense synthesis - a killer dancefloor offering from CLR and Shlomi Aber alike.

Shlomi Aber - Remote 101 EP
Release Date 25th August 2023
Label CLR

01. Righ
02. Time and Space
03. Chasing
04. Remote 101

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