Snax presents Up and Coming Children EP

Random Records presents a long-awaited new studio production from Snax - an EP of four sparkly new tracks plus equally diverse remixes from Hard Ton, Per QX, and Elias Bravo.

Snax presents Up and Coming Children EP Photo by Mario Dzurila

Random Records presents a long awaited new studio production from Snax - an EP of four sparkly new tracks plus equally diverse remixes from Hard Ton, Per QX and Elias Bravo.

Snax - the Berlin based American singer, songwriter and keyboard talent who has released tracks on Mental Groove, Rebirth, Get Physical and more - dedicates this new release to the kids; those with a fresh attitude, new on the scene, ready to take over and push things forward… hence the EP’s title, Up And Coming Children.

The title track opens the EP in some style; it’s a rickety house jam with loose-limbed percussion and live sounding drums. Shooting disco synths emanate from the core of the track and retro chords add another layer of authentic texture. The killer vocals sing the title’s refrain with tons of attitude and oodles of emotion as tight guitar riffs and paddy drums keep things lively.

Snax elaborates, “To be one of the Up And Coming Children means having the courage to buck up against old-school snobbery, no matter what your age. The Children will be continuing to shake things up, forever on their way to the garden of delight. That’s the essence of being Up And Coming.”

Also featured on this latest EP are three further new tracks that rock the floor in exciting ways. ‘150%’ is a soul stomper, espousing the joys of being a hot head over a hard beat. ‘Nothing To Yourself’ breaks it down to slower, but no less grinding, territory with soulful vocal coos, seductive melodies and plenty of Prince vibes throughout. Finally, ‘Phantom Voice’ recalls Snax’s earlier work, emerging from the sleazier corners of the world waving his p-funk flag high and proud as DIY percussion and 80s style Casio keys make for a perfect party atmosphere.

Snax also has the pleasure of presenting remixes for ‘Children’ from two equally legendary sources. Hard Ton brings an ecstatic 90’s house vibe to the table with a shimmering bit of singing by larger than life vocalist Max. On the darker second remix from Per QX and Elias Bravo; the pair’s deep, shuffling garage house sound recalls London’s super party of the moment, Gutterslut, where Per is resident.

For lovers of vocal disco there will be few more genuine delights released this year than this effort from Snax and Random Records.

Snax - Up and Coming Children EP
Release date 6th June 2014
Label Random Records

1. Up And Coming Children
2. 150%
3. Nothing To Yourself
4. Phantom Voice
5. Up And Coming Children (Hard Ton remix)
6. Up And Coming Children (Per QX and Elias Bravo remix)
7. Up And Coming Children (Radio edit)

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