Somebody At Space EP by Milica

Stacey Pullen invites Milica to Blackflag Recordings for her debut EP, Somebody At Space.

Somebody At Space EP by Milica Photo by Blackflag Recordings

An artist who needs little introduction, Stacey Pullen’s accolades speak for themselves as the house and techno icon continues to shape his path within the scene. However, a fresh agenda on his list and a new primary focus comes in the form of his Blackflag Recordings imprint as he looks to curate his own groove-driven take on the genre, starting off by welcoming exciting newcomer Milica to the label.

Currently based between the UK and Ibiza and taking musical influences from both dynamic musical hubs, her debut release arrives having received support from a who’s who of leading names during the 2023 Ibiza season, alongside her own appearances at the likes of Destino and Cova Santa, with Detroit icon Pullen welcoming her to his recently-relaunched label for a pair of fresh tracks across her "Somebody At Space EP."

Skippy, rolling, and full of playful nuances, "Somebody At Space" is a production made for bustling terraces, be that in Ibiza or Miami, as twisting bass patterns meet touch kicks and warped vocals for an energetic opener, while "Thug Life" keeps the energy levels high as rap samples, skittering organic drums and swirling melodies take hold. Closing the package is US-based minimal favorite CHKLTE, who strips things back and dives towards darker aesthetics and moods with a punchy, menacing flip destined for early-hour moments.

Milica - Somebody At Space EP
Release Date March 2024
Label Blackflag Recordings

1. Somebody At Space
2. Thug Life
3. Thug Life (CHKLTE’s Lil’ Thug Love Remix)

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