Someday by Rocco

French house and techno mainstay Rocco delivers the inaugural release on his new imprint, Memories Records, featuring an original production and a remix from Klement Bonelli.

Someday by Rocco Photo by Memories Records

After an illustrious career spanning over two decades, including an album released on House Afrika as well as getting support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Rocco now uses the knowledge and confidence he has gained to create a label with clarity and direction based around producing music that heightens the senses, a direction encapsulated perfectly by the first release, "Someday".

"Someday (Summer Duck Mix)" demonstrates a grooved and weighted low end with phasing percussion and hypnotic synths whilst an uplifting gospel acapella elevates the opening track before Lyon based Klement Bonelli’s take on the track adds more intensity with melodic, synthesizer variation over the same captivating vocals to close the release smoothly.

Rocco - Someday
Release Date
October 2017
Label Memories Records

1. Someday (Summer Duck Mix)
2. Someday (Klement Bonelli Remix)

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