Speaking Soul by Sorley feat. Goux

Hotly-tipped UK talent Sorley launches his new label SOUL93 as he reunites with vocalist Goux for the imprint’s debut, Speaking Soul.

Speaking Soul by Sorley feat. Goux Photo by Eddy Maynard

An artist still young in his exciting career, yet with an ever-growing catalog of music and a long list of crucial supporters stretching the globe, UK DJ/producer Sorley continues to shine while expanding on his wide-reaching sound palette and building his sound. With material on the likes of Cuttin' Headz, Knee Deep In Sound, DFTD, Saved, Snatch!, and Revival New York, he has proved versatile and eclectic in his studio output. That expansive creativity will increase further as he launches his label, SOUL93. An outlet for the dreamers and doers, where true artistry and creativity thrive, the debut single arrives this October as he partners with Goux again for "Speaking Soul," following their work together on "Skylines" and "Lightspeed."

I wanted to make a track full of raw feelings and sounds following "Skylines." The vocals tell a story of the ravers wanting more, wanting to express themselves, to feel free and escape through nightlife until life eventually catches up with them

Hard-hitting and energetic, yet full of subtle groove-led nuances, "Speaking Soul" is a trippy, tweaky house cut made for bustling dance floors. From the slick drum shots and rolling bassline to Goux's trippy and hypnotic vocals, it's a production to get lost in and a perfect debut showcase from Sorley as he offers the first glimpse of what's to come on the label.

Sorley feat. Goux - Speaking Soul
Release Date October 2023
Label SOUL93

1. Speaking Soul

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