Steady LP by Dachshund

Dachshund returns to his and Quenum’s Clapper Records with his Steady LP, an eleven-track collection of outstanding music from the Swiss producer and DJ.

Steady LP by Dachshund Photo by Clapper Records

While some tracks have his signature "Dachshund" flavour : slicing hi hats, quirky beats and a hints of the artist's drum and bass background (Booze, No Matter, Invisible), the album also explores a more melancholy and melodic side, offering deep and expertly arranged soundscapes with developing and inter-twining melodies (Helium, Sulfury Sweet, Pine Grove), always wrapped up in intricate beats, yet never really moving away from the dance floor.

More primal 4/4 needs are met with tracks such as "Mass Effect", "Back to the rhythm" and "Phase Two" leaving the listener completely satisfied when enjoying the album from start to end.

With a steady and quality flow of releases over the past couple of years on hi-end labels in addition to his own imprint, Dachshund presents us with an impressive and accurate snapshot of where he stands musically today, served up in a balanced and fulfilling package.

Dachshund - Steady LP
Release Date
October 2017
Label Clapper Records

1. Tubular System
2. Ripe
3. Helium
4. Booze
5. Mass Effect
6. Back To The Rhythm
7. Invisible
8. Phase Two
9. Sulfury Sweet
10. Pine Groove
11. 10.17

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