Succession by Christian Smith & Drunken Kong

Christian Smith and Drunken Kong drop a new techno track, Succession, on Code Records with Cesar Almena and Nuke remixes.

Succession by Christian Smith & Drunken Kong Photo by Code Records

Christian Smith and Drunken Kong are two well-respected names within the international techno scene, and they have teamed up to collaborate on an exhilarating new track called "Succession." The track combines peak time styles within its electrifying synth line, ominous vocals, and thundering percussion that will shake any dance floor to its foundations.

Drunken Kong is a Japanese duo known for their music on highly respected record labels such as Drumcode, Terminal M, and Octopus. Christian Smith is a Swedish artist who, since the '90s, has released cutting-edge techno via his imprint Tronic and others ranging from Drumcode to We Are The Brave.

This isn't the first time these producers have worked together, as they have previously joined forces on Christian Smith's Tronic, but this release comes via Spanish record label Code Records. Code Records is a Spanish label linked to the Code parties that run at the Fabrik nightclub in Madrid, where they book DJs ranging from Carl Cox and Amelie Lens to Ben Klock and Blawan. Cesar Almena and Nuke run the record label and events series, as well as skilled music producers and resident DJs at Code.

Cesar Almena has released stomping techno tracks on labels, including Naked Lunch, and he provides a stripped-back version of Succession built around a breakbeat groove. Nuke has featured his music on other imprints ranging from Odd Recordings to MB Elektronics, and his remix adds a new hypnotizing synth line and high-speed percussion to create a mesmerizing groove with relentless energy.

Christian Smith & Drunken Kong - Succession
Release Date August/September 2023
Label Code Records

1. Succession
2. Succession (Cesar Almena Remix)
3. Succession (Nuke Remix)

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