Swinging into Spring with Bentley

A new collection of high-performance Bentley golf clubs brings power to the tee for pro and leisure golfers. The Golf club designs take inspiration from the design of the new Bentley Continental GT.

Swinging into Spring with Bentley Photo by Bentley Golf

Bentley Golf is teeing off for spring with the new Tech Collection, featuring an array of high-performance clubs inspired by the stunning design of the new Bentley Continental GT. Combining innovative technology with exceptional craftsmanship, golfers can experience their favourite pastime with the clubs of the future while strolling through the greens of today.

The Tech Collection is designed with unmatched ballistic capability in mind, using multi-material technology to maximise performance - whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner. Each club within the set comprises a carefully selected combination of industry-leading materials.

The irons feature titanium faces and carbon-fibre backs to deliver the utmost power and versatility, while both wedge options sport CNC-milled face grooves and back cavities, with a rounded sole to tackle the trickiest of terrain. The putter combines high-density steel, super-soft aluminium and carbon-fibre detailing; offering reassuring support for off-centre strikes, to aid even the least experienced player.              

Striking the balance of the traditional and contemporary design is no easy task, yet the Tech Collection delivers both with ease. Motifs from the new Continental GT appear on the club grips and faces in the form of Bentley's distinctive knurling. Meanwhile, the iconic styling-line of the car haunches is reflected through the crown and sole of the woods. Distinctive "B" screws - an emblem of modern Bentley - are placed with trademark precision, while Bentley's heritage is unmissable in the wood heads and grip ends which feature replicas of the unique wheel centre from the famous Le Mans winner, the EXP Speed 8. The look-and-feel of the clubs echoes the modern design language of Bentley while paying tribute to the brand's renowned heritage.

Bentley Designer Chris Cooke says: "The design of the Tech Collection pulls inspiration from the brand's past, present and future. These elements come together to create a range that reflects Bentley's philosophy of unrivalled design and exceptional craftsmanship."

All Bentley Golf clubs are crafted to the highest standard, for discerning players who have a passion for craftsmanship, combined with the latest technology. The clubs are unique, high-quality products, carrying the values of Bentley for golf-lovers to enjoy on the course.

Bentley Golf first launched in 2016 with the Classic Collection, which utilises traditional Japanese one-piece forging techniques. The Bentley Golf Centenary Collection launched in 2019 to celebrate Bentley's 100th year; this special collection was limited to 100 sets.

The Tech Collection follows in 2020 and is designed for true luxury and performance, appealing to the golfer who understands cutting-edge technology, loves innovative materials and requires the absolute maximum aptitude from their equipment. Golfers can proudly carry their Bentley Golf Tech Collection clubs, unique in their design, to stand out over others in the clubhouse and reach their best performance throughout the season.

The Tech Collection is the best of past, present and future of Bentley - timeless craftsmanship, contemporary design and cutting-edge materials coming together in perfect harmony.

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