Taste My Lick by Robotek Reagan

Robotek Reagan's second release on his own label features the title track from his forthcoming (Can You) Taste My Lick EP with two remixes for different dance floor moods.

Taste My Lick by Robotek Reagan Photo by Void Space Institute

VSITM is Reagan's own new multimedia outlet. It comes after establishing himself as one half of the now-disbanded Superfreq duo Dance Spirit and years of headlining the likes of fabric London, clubs in NYC, and festivals like Coachella, Desert Hearts, and Piknic Electronik. "Taste My Lick" was the first in a series of new studio experimentations back in summer 2021. They are the first productions from the artist's new creative space back in Los Angeles away from the peaceful and secluded forest settings of Lake Tahoe.

The change of scenery and pace was a massive shock to my system, trying to navigate a cacophony of clashing moods, energies, and sounds while trying to make sense of how to reintegrate into my new surroundings, unsure of my future, while working towards peace with a life past lived. As such, venturing out on this brave adventure into the unknown led to creative chaos and viscous lumps of thoughts combining and splitting like the liquid in a lava lamp. The energy of these life experiences found themselves transmuted into the moment in the studio, as reality decrees, Taste My Lick.
Robotek Reagan

The original version is a shimmering world of sci-fi sonics, with mystic voices obscured by fizzing pads. It's driven by a flurry of drums and has glassy melodies reflecting light to make for something brilliantly experimental and atmospheric. "Taste My Lick" (Four the Floor Patch) is a dance floor patch for a more urgent and energetic vibe, bristling with trippy vocals, synths, and moody chords. A quirky bassline halfway through lends a punk rock vibe while the intricate percussive grooves keep the body engaged and energized.

Sitting between minimal and deep house, "Taste My Lick" (Access the Soul Upgrade) brings the song into a deeper, transcendent realm. The mood is hopeful and beautiful, opening a portal to the heart so dancers can access their souls and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable ride. This is one that will make an emotional impact on the crowd.

Robotek Reagan - Taste My Lick
Release Date March 2022
Label Void Space Institute

1. Taste My Lick
2. Taste My Lick (Four the Floor Patch)
3. Taste My Lick (Access the Soul Upgrade)

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