Taurelle presents Mastoïde

Vincent Taurelle launches Taurelle alias and announces debut technoid pop album, Mastoïde, on the Gooontran label.

Taurelle presents Mastoïde Photo by Sophie Newman

Vincent Taurelle is known for his studio work with French band Justice, stage support for music duo Air, and remixing British rock band Foals. The Parisian studio legend unveils his newest project, Taurelle, with the "Mastoide" album covering pop, dark disco, techno, and more.

A highly skilled pianist, Taurelle's precise movements on the keyboard build a dreamlike universe of warped soundscapes and mind-melting harmonics. It's a beautiful, eerie world, taking you on a trip through the past, present, and future, borrowing heavily from modern glitch art, retro horror, and pop aesthetics. From the title track "Mastoïde," where the kick drums and percussion are sparse but intricate melodic grooves omnipresent, to the 70s jazz funk of "Erotomane," where segments switch in rapid succession much like a remote erratically changing channel, Taurelle's work oozes creativity.

Psychedelic arps and deep, brooding synths are rife in "Gladiateurs," while droning beats and rock flavors take over in "Les Rendez-Vous Au Parking." "Triplex," on the other hand, has distinct synth-pop flavors, chopped and sliced in an eccentric and twisted way, before the cinematic dark disco track "Indésirable" races onward with quirky squelches and layers of raw distortion. "Turboforeuse" is up next, a menacing electro track harkening back to the 2000s, before "Cock Porn" closes with melodramatic guitars and a romantic, nostalgic feel.

This full-length is a mutant masterpiece devoid of conformity, embodying many of Taurelle's influences, each inch of space filled with intricate texture, rich melody, and a unique playfulness.

Taurelle - Mastoïde
Release Date 9th June 2023
Label Gooontran

01. Mastoïde
02. Erotomane
03. Gladiateurs
04. Les Rendez-Vous Au Parking
05. Triplex
06. Indésirable
07. Turboforeuse
08. Cock Porn

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