Tech Breed EP by Rick Wade

One swift look at Rick Wade's staggering back catalog, from a career spanning more than 20 years, will attest to the Detroit-based producer's raw talent in the studio, crafting groove-laden rhythms into cuts that exemplify the word deep.

Tech Breed EP by Rick Wade Photo by Doug Wojciechowski

In his latest EP, ‘Tech Breed’, Rick demonstrates his inimitable production prowess across three expertly forged tracks. Straight from the off you can hear Wade’s knack for creating synergy between analog gear and digital software as the title track ensues with an undulating groove that’s quickly accompanied by subterranean synths for mesmerizing results.

With ‘Groovy’ the percussion shifts to bongos, whilst ethereal atmospherics and otherworldly notes maintain a mood both arcane and dusky. The tone then shifts in ‘Whoa Children’ with a sharp injection of funk triggered by soulful vocals and a pulsing bassline - its sultry, smooth and guaranteed to get your body moving.

In a sentence, the cuts offered up here ooze soul and vibrancy in a deep way that only Rick Wade can purvey, three warm and groovy cuts that will no doubt be finding their way into many a record bag this year. Holic Trax head honcho Tomoki Tamura delivers an equally dynamic club tool for the final offering on this excellent EP.

Rick Wade - Tech Breed EP
Release date 16th March 2015
Label Holic Trax

A1. Tech Breed
A2. Groovy
B1. Whoa Children
B2. Technological Lament (Tomoki Tamura Tool edit) - vinyl only

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