Tenzella presents Hard Grind EP

Liverpool's Tenzella steps up for his debut appearance on Hardgroove with the six-track Hard Grind EP.

Tenzella presents Hard Grind EP Photo by Hardgroove

While the rhythmic intensity of the tracks on "Hard Grind EP" is as drivingly present throughout, each track on the EP brings a pleasingly distinct direction. From the "proper" bassline of the vocal sample-licked opening title track through to the immense fun(k) of Jazz infused "Jazz Tool", Tenzella draws on a broad palette of sounds.

The shuffled, kick-heavy punch of the aptly titled "The Mule" contrasts the hypnotic, heads-down collaboration with Ecilo, "Dobermann", whilst the frenetic, organ-punctuated "Discostupid" balances the more minimalist aesthetics of "Rosa".

Tenzella - Hard Grind EP
Release Date November 2022
Label Hardgroove

01. Tenzella - Hard Grind
02. Tenzella - The Mule
03. Tenzella & Ecilo - Dobermann
04. Tenzella - Discostupid
05. Tenzella - Rosa
06. Tenzella - Jazz Tool

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