That's It by Dario Nunez & Javi Palmero

Dario Nunez and Javi Palmero are releasing their new single, That's It, on Brook Gee Records this month.

That's It by Dario Nunez & Javi Palmero Art by Brook Gee Records

Get ready to move your body to the infectious beats of "That's It," the latest house music single from the dynamic duo Dario Nunez & Javi Palmero. Released by Brook Gee Records in May, this track is a surefire hit for dance floors everywhere.

With its groovy rhythm, propelled by a rolling bassline and punctuated by solid synth stabs, "That's It" sets the stage for an unforgettable dance experience. The warm vocal adds an inviting touch, drawing listeners in and urging them to surrender to the music's irresistible pull.

Whether you're a seasoned house music aficionado or a newcomer, "That's It" promises pure dancefloor bliss. Don't miss out on this electrifying release from Dario Nunez and Javi Palmero, available now on Brook Gee Records.

Dario Nunez & Javi Palmero - That's It
Release Date 17th May 2024
Label Brook Gee Records

1. Dario Nunez & Javi Palmero - That's It

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