The Essence by Cristian Varela

Cristian Varela has been churning out dancefloor stompers from a long time now and this three-track EP is one that both grabs you and throws you away at the same time. Pornographic Recordings has yet again done it with perfection.

The Essence by Cristian Varela Photo by Pornographic Recordings

There's not really much to say except that Pornographic Recordings are very happy and proud to reach the number 150 in their release repertoire and "The Essence" is a great celebration of that fact. "The Essence" is a solo EP written & produced by label owner Cristian Varela and at the same time an important milestone for Pornographic Recordings and their loyal fans around the world.

Three proper Techno tracks are ready to be tested out on any dancefloor across the world. Each track has it's own approach, but all together are forming catchy vibes, melodies, atmospheres, vocals, and harmonies. The playfulness of "Codex3", the electrifying "Energies" and the gritty, dirty sounds of "Top Up" makes this a very complete package. Somehow, an all-round package to be played for the masses over and over again.

Cristian Varela - The Essence
Release Date
September 2017
Label Pornographic Recordings

1. Codex3
2. Energies
3. Top Up

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