The Shapeshifters return with Analogue To Digital ... and Back Again

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Simon and Max's musical partnership. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the release of their anthem Lola's Theme; the track that kick-started the duo's career.

The Shapeshifters return with Analogue To Digital ... and Back Again Photo by Ruud Baan

The Shapeshifters (AKA Simon Marlin and his Swedish partner Max Reich) have throughout the course of their career, earned their status as one of the UK's most successful dance duos ever. Touring relentlessly from London to Russia and Miami to Ibiza and everywhere in between. From major arenas to the coolest underground clubs they have always stood by belief that staying true to their musical values and maintaining their integrity when DJing and producing will pay off - and indeed it has.

“There's been a big change in vibe of the music in clubs, especially over the last six months,” says Max Reich, highlighting the current taste for dance music that increasingly leans towards more energetic House with a focus on the party factor rather than feet shuffling. With dance music sub genres constantly changing and a return to the feel good factor of the 90’s House it’s no coincidence that it is moving firmly towards their signature sound.

Keeping the BPMs up and incorporating a range of styles and artists, from Maya Jane Coles through to Mark Knight, their DJ sets are aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Its clear that the defining factors in the Shapeshifters' success has been their ability to straddle that difficult middle ground between the commercial and underground and they do that effortlessly. Maintaining a successful 10-year long career in dance music is no mean feat for them, with standout hits from the timeless classic ‘Lola's Theme’ to ‘Back To Basics ‘and ‘Incredible’ and with remixes for the likes of George Michael, Christina Aguilera, Moby and Cee Lo Green amongst many others. It has to be said the duo are stalwarts of British dance culture.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Simon and Max’s musical partnership. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the release of their anthem Lola’s Theme; the ubiquitous track that kick-started the duo's career, reaching No.1 in the UK and becoming a hit across the globe back in 2003/4. To celebrate this milestone, the Shapeshifters have curated a new LP, from which they will release a plethora of new mixes of their previous works. The LP will be a double-disc affair, calling on exclusive remixes from a variety of artists, including their close friend Frankie Knuckles alongside Laidback Luke, Nic Fanciulli, Full Intention and Little Boots, plus a selection of their own remixes of acts including Empire Of The Sun, Christina Aguilera & Moby amongst others. The collection will also include five exclusive new original tracks Come Closer, Happy, No Holds Barred, Universal Love and Need No Body all specially written for this album. Come Closer and Happy feature the vocal talent of Kirstenanna while the guys combine with Davos and Nataile Peris on Universal Love.

The Shapeshifters are showing no signs of slowing down and their new material will give fans a glimpse of what to expect from them in the near future. DJing is still a huge part of what the Shapeshifters are all about, and with their sound going from analogue to digital and back again you will always find them playing in the world choicest dance floors.  

The Shapeshifters - Analogue To Digital ... and Back Again
Release date 24th June 2013
Label Nocturnal Groove

CD 1
1. Only You (Little Boots Discotheque Remix)
2. Helter Skelter (Audiowhores Remix)
3. The Shapeshifters & Davos feat. Natalie Peris - Universal Love (Original Mix)
4. Lola's Theme (2013 Remix)
5. Incredible (Full Intention Remix)
6. Come Closer (Original Mix)
7. Back To Basics (Director's Cut Signature Mix)
8. Happy (Original Mix)
9. Instead Of Falling (Something Good Remix)
10. The Shapeshifters & Shermanology - Waiting For You (Mercury Remix)
11. She Freaks (David Penn Remix)
12. No Holds Barred (Original Mix)
13. Frankie Knuckles & The Shapeshifters - The Ones You Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
14. Sensitivity (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
15. No Need No Body (Original Mix)
16. Chime (Laidback Luke Remix)

CD 2
1. East & Young feat. Tom Cane - Starting Again (The Shapeshifters Remix)
2. Little Boots - Broken Record (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix)
3. Soulmagic - Someone Like You (The Shapeshifters Du Jour Remix)
4. Mr Mike - Let's Do It Again (The Shapeshifters Remix)
5. Human Life - In It Together (The Shapeshifters Remix)
6. G-Club feat. Haze - Faith (The Shapeshifters Remix)
7. Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut feat. Jamie Principle - I'll Take You There (The Shapeshifters Remix)
8. Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix)
9. Danny Howells & Dick Trevor feat. Erire - Dusk Till Dawn (The Shapeshifters Remix)
10. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (The Shapeshifters Classica Remix)
11. Moby - I'm In Love (The Shapeshifters Maximal Remix)

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