The Time by Dansor

Dansor taps up returning Comport Records remixers Kapibara and Arara to reinterpret The Time, which originally featured on last year’s album Theory Of Love.

The Time by Dansor Photo by Remko van Diggelen

The Holland-based Hungarian producer, DJ and live-act is known for appearances on labels like Tulipa and Nervous, but the last few years have seen her dedicate everything to her own label Comport Records. Releasing her debut album on Valentine’s Day 2016, ‘Theory Of Love’ was an 11-track project that demonstrated Dansor’s versatility as a producer. Her follow up releases have seen her call upon the abilities of producer friends to remix individual tracks from the album and on this occasion Submarine Vibes regular Arara and Constant Circles collective Kapibara are called in to remix "The Time".

Funky bass guitar and warbling atmospherics form the backbone to "The Time", a mesmerising cut with a sultry aesthetic. Dutch trio Kapibara’s remix immediately ups the temp whilst implementing robust kicks, echoing rim shots and otherworldly melodies. Greek artist Arara’s rendition is more down-beat in comparison, blending an infectious hook with a medley of spellbinding nuances for a low-slung and groove-laden conclusion.

Dansor - The Time
Release Date
June 2017
Label Comport Records

1. The Time (Original Mix)
2. The Time (Kapibara Remix)
3. The Time (Arara Remix)

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