This & That by Butane & Riko Forinson

Butane and Riko Forinson reunite on Extrasketch for two transportive cuts across This & That.

This & That by Butane & Riko Forinson Art by Extrasketch

Supernatural collaborators and partners-in-music, American multiple-label founder Butane and Italian DJ/producer Riko Forinson's innate connection when it comes to creating music has seen the pair deliver release after release loaded with quality from across the house spectrum - whether veering into more musical and minimal spheres, or towards the heavier techno-leaning territory. Marking their first collaborative release of 2023 on their home label Extrasketch, late March's "This & That" EP is a deep dive into the world of mesmerizing, psychedelic deep house music.

Building on undulating, dubby chords and ever-building tension, a hazy flute and crisp organic drums carry "Things Like This" forward to reveal an entrancing eight-and-a-half minute journey through dreamlike soundscapes, made for late-night moments and early sunrises. "Things Like That" continues on a similar boundary-pushing path, inducing dancefloor hypnosis with tight drum licks and well-placed pizzicato synth work. Showcasing the duo's ability to create a diverse and immersive listening experience, "This & That" is a journey into the mind-bending world of Butane and Riko Forinson.

Butane & Riko Forinson - This & That
Release Date 24th March 2023
Label Extrasketch

1. Things Like This
2. Things Like That

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