Two Headed Beast EP by North Lake

North Lake delivers Two Headed Beast EP via Romania's Origami Sound. The EP is Origami Sound's 6th physical release and the first in a long string scheduled in 2015.

Two Headed Beast EP by North Lake Photo by Origami Sound

North Lake is a fairly established name in the leftfield techno scene and each release he puts out leaves his listeners constantly looking forward to much more. The prolific and elusive Michigan- based artist has a rich repertoire of previous releases and contributions on exemplary record labels such as Permanent Vacation, Life and Death, Ellum or Phonica.

The four tracks on his seventh EP stand out as masterful, immersive, very intense and at times eerie pieces of dropped tempo dance music. Opener "Sun Gun" and title-track "Two Headed Beast" follow up on the trails of "Journey To The Center Of The Sun" or "Marlborol Noir", adding further proof of his ability to constantly deliver memorable synth jams. The B-sides "Caverns" and "White Lodge" allow him to explore his darker side, adding even more melodic intricacy and dramatic moments to his deep and eerie trademark sound.

North Lake - Two Headed Beast EP
Release Date 24th August 2015
Label Origami Sound

1. Sun Gun
2. Two Headed Beast
3. Caverns
4. White Lodge

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