Unexpected Journey EP by EG

EG's EP Unexpected Journey is a deep-flavoured hot pan of influences, discoveries, choices, and encounters that all come together perfectly.

Unexpected Journey EP by EG Photo by Marine Billet

DJ and producer EG, based between Paris and Brussels, has made quite a name for herself over the past two years. At only 25 years old, she established herself in iconic European clubs, including Rex, Fabric, Audio, and Fuse. Now, she is preparing to embark on a new milestone in her young artistic career, unveiling her debut EP titled "Unexpected Journey" set to release on November 17th via Pont Neuf Records. In this EP, she expresses her joys and difficulties with her career change from architect to DJ, with a backdrop of 90s-inspired house tinged with hip-hop influences.

In this EP, I narrate my discoveries, choices, encounters, as well as my difficulties and doubts. Juggling two professions at the beginning of my career (architect and DJ) took a toll on me and caused anxiety troubles which I'm gradually overcoming. These challenges I face today make me approach my role as a DJ and producer with a heightened awareness. I now pay closer attention to my emotions and place a greater emphasis on my creativity. I believe that these difficulties have also fuelled my desire to give meaning and value to this significant decision. Telling this unexpected journey through music helps me gradually realize and embrace it. Each track in the EP represents a specific period and a pivotal turning point.

The first track of the EP, "Right from Wrong," also serving as the lead single released on September 22nd, blends influences from EG's childhood with elements of hip-hop and a touch of old-school deep house, paying tribute to artists such as Ron Trent, Jovonn, and Blaze. "This first track of the EP was where I began producing and conceptualizing the whole project back in February 2023. It evokes a very specific period, the year 2020, when I took my first steps as a DJ," explains EG.

"U Know What I Want" combines influences from the Balearic and dream-house currents, with a soulful touch as well. As EG describes it, "I composed this second track in parallel with the first one, between February and March 2023, but it took more time to reach its final form. I aimed to create a track that is both touching and danceable for this EP. The track evokes the summer and the end of 2021 when I obtained my architecture degree just three days after performing at my first festival in Toulouse. Few people know that completing my degree and preparing for the festival were a true challenge."

"Interlude" serves as the connecting thread between the two sides of the record, symbolizing the challenges EG faced in reconciling her former career as an architect with her role as a DJ. "I underestimated the psychological and physical impact, forging ahead with my head down until I felt a constant sense of panic and deep concern. The interlude echoes Lil Louis' words: 'I feel lonely in different places,' reflecting my profound feeling of solitude during this unrelenting state of panic."

"Then It Goes" marks a more club-oriented shift, drawing inspiration from the 90s progressive house. A "darker" track for EG, she explains is the one that "took the most time and went through numerous different versions. I had to find a way to convey something not necessarily joyful while adding a danceable dimension to the clubs. Composing this track brought me comfort as I realized that what I wanted to express was now in the past."

Closing the EP is the collaboration with producer and DJ Mangabey, titled "So Special." A truly club-oriented track, it bears resemblance to the sounds of Afrika Bambaataa while blending the house and progressive universes of both artists. "Mangabey is someone very important to me, whom I met during my first gig at Djoon in Paris. He has never ceased to support and encourage me, like an older brother. We aimed to create something that resonates with the 90s - a period where both of us draw numerous references in electronic music, both in our sets and productions - and we are extremely proud of the result." This will be the second single, set to release on October 20th.

Initially trained in architecture, EG has now become one of the new figures on the French house scene. She began honing her mixing skills while studying architecture, organizing her first parties in Paris with her collective Parasol. In 2022, faced with her growing reputation, she decided to leave her career as an architect to devote herself fully to her artistic career. Her unique sets, mixing deep, soulful, progressive, and hip-house sounds, have captivated crowds in some of Europe's biggest clubs. Today, EG is opening a new chapter in her young career with the release of her first EP, Unexpected Journey, on Pont Neuf Records.

EG - Unexpected Journey EP
Release Date 17th November 2023
Label Pont Neuf Records

1. Right From Wrong
2. U Know What I Want
3. Interlude
4. Then It Goes
5. So Special (feat. Mangabey)

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