Vicario Musique presents Straight From The Wherehouse Vol. 1

In September Vicario Musique Recordings will see the launch of Vicario Ltd with this vinyl-only EP featuring 4004, Cromie, Sebastien Vorhaus, Urulu, and Frits Wentink.

Vicario Musique presents Straight From The Wherehouse Vol. 1 Photo by Vicario Musique Recordings

The Vicario Ltd imprint is being launched by a Tijuana, Mexico based collective Gerardo Cedillo, Fabricio Tepetitlan, Sebastien Vorhuas and Carlos Rodriguez. The crew have been running the Vicario Musique imprint since 2011 and have released material from the likes of David Keno, Inxec and James Teej, here we see things move forward with the launch of Vicario Ltd, focusing on its core artists to deliver a diverse package set for release as a vinyl only exclusive.

Kicking off this various artists package is 4004, Cromie & Sebastien Vorhaus’s ‘A.D.D Dimension’, which sees the trio open up this four-tracker on a raw, dubbed-out tip, laying the focus on crunchy shuffled rhythms, swirling stab sequences and jazz-tinged melodics. Nachtbraker offers up ‘Who’s Your Dede’ to follow, and in typical fashion from the Dutch producer we’re treated to clever sampling chops, swinging organic percussion and infectious bass hooks.

L.A’s Urulu kicks off the B-Side with ‘Cool Chris’ and the Let’s Play House / Exploited artist delivers a charming understated house number with protruding sub-bass tones, dreamy Rhodes melodies and howling vocal murmurs. Frits Wentink then rounds off the package with ‘Angela Saliva’ closing on a rugged jazz-lade percussive house tip as he employs raw drums, snaking sub licks and chopped piano samples to create a mesmerizing low-slung workout.

Various Artists - Straight From The Wherehouse Vol.1
Release Date 4th September 2015
Label Vicario Musique Recordings

1. 4004, Cromie & Sebastien Vorhaus - A.D.D Dimension
2. Nachtbraker - Who’s You Dede
3. Urulu - Cool Chris
4. Frits Wentink - Angela Saliva

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