VISION IV - Never Adore by Fabian Wegmeth

Stuttgart-based artist Fabian Wegmeth debuts on his Vision Ekstase label this May with four hypnotic techno cuts entitled VISION IV - Never Adore.

VISION IV - Never Adore by Fabian Wegmeth Art by Vision Ekstase

German artist Fabian Wegmeth is a widely known face throughout his home city of Stuttgart. Fabian has been regularly DJing and organizing events at the city's techno hotspot Lehmann Club since 2018 and co-founded the exciting label and event series Vision Ekstase with his friends David Lohlein, Symon, and Rove Ranger, who all hold previous releases on the imprint. Fabian represents this new generation of techno artists, and his earlier releases on Android Muziq and Counterpulse all display his prowess for producing glistening techno sonics. "VISION IV - Never Adore" is his debut release on his Vision Ekstase imprint after a short hiatus due to the pandemic and now returns with a four-track EP that Fabian describes as "a driving, hypnotic journey".

"Panting On Her Knees" gets this release moving with icy high-hats, fierce bass grooves, and menacing fx before "In Search Of Pain" lay focus on fizzing elements, shimmering rhythms, and haunting synths that continue to spiral throughout.

On the flip, "Slide Out Of My Hands" makes way for pounding kicks, dark, twisted soundscapes, and shadowy low frequencies. Fabian then masterfully rounds off this explorative techno EP with "Never Adore" featuring stabbing laser gun-like modulations, eerie atmospheres, and powerful elements which harmonize with one another impressively.

Fabian Wegmeth - VISION IV - Never Adore
Release Date May/June 2021
Label Vision Ekstase

1. Panting On Her Knees
2. In Search Of Pain
3. Slide Out Of My Hands
4. Never Adore

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