What You Want EP by Jamie G

Scotland-born breakout artist Jamie G drops a fresh three-track EP on Jamie Jones's Hottrax label.

What You Want EP by Jamie G Photo by Rizal Syaiful

Jamie G has swiftly captured the attention of industry heavyweights such as Marco Carola, Latmun, and The Martinez Brothers, all of whom have been dropping his irresistible house sounds. His productions are powered by deep basslines with fresh drum programming and hooky vocal samples that bring plenty of attitude to the floor. For proof, look no further than this brilliant new three-tracker, "What You Want."

"MMT" kicks off proceedings with a dark and moody atmosphere, stripped back to thudding kicks and sci-fi synths. It has a fresh, futuristic feel and characterful rapped vocals that will energize any party. Next up, "Razor" has an old-school throwback feel with its garage-inflected bass sounds and more street-wise vocal swagger. It's a full-throttle and pumping deep tech cut for late-night, heads-down dancing in sweaty backrooms. Rounding out a stylish EP is "What You Want" with its alluring female vocals that bring the soul over broad bass strokes and crispy, electro-tinged drums that keep you bouncing.

Jamie G - What You Want EP
Release Date November 2023
Label Hottrax

1. MMT
2. Razor
3. What You Want

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