When Elements Collide by Yard One

Yard One drops their eclectic debut album When Elements Collide on Tact Recordings, comprising of ten original tracks from the UK duo.

When Elements Collide by Yard One Photo by Tact Recordings

The collaborative guise of London-based producer Jordan Bruce and Manchester’s Larry Jones, Yard One was formed in 2014 when the pair remixed Dutch producers Esther Duijin & Steady Douglas on Tact Recordings. Founded by Jordan Bruce and Richard ‘RJ’ Fletcher in 2011, the duo have used the label as a platform for their own productions under Yard One and Adventures in Daydreams respectively when not hosting the likes of Mr. G, Tevo Howard, Rick Wade, Oli Furness and Isherwood.

The album initiates with the mellow and spiritual ‘Transcendental State’, incorporating natural samples, glitchy stabs and Eastern world themes, before ‘Memory Echoes’ sees a surge in energy with intricate drum patterns and a dynamic groove. Rachel K Collier, known for her work with Wookie, Ray Foxx and Mat Zo, is then introduced on ‘Amber’ - her soulful vocals complimenting the poignant production to a T.

‘Indigo’ initiates with a looped samples to make way for a variety of shuffling percussion, emotive piano chords and spacey synths, followed by a spiralling interlude titled ‘Channelling’. Collier then returns on ‘Distance (Fighting Resistance)’ for an emotionally charged track brought to life through the synergy of her passionate voice and Yard One’s enchanting and imaginative narrative.

Next up ‘Memories Of Tomorrow’ takes it down a notch with offbeat kicks and ethereal pads, making way for the transfixing suspense of ‘Equinox’. ‘Willow’ then combines Jones’ jazzy piano work with a groovy, walking bass line and tastefully understated beats, until ebbing synths and otherworldly vibes meld with funky keys to tie it all together in ‘Fresh Spring’.

Yard One - When Elements Collide
Release date 3rd August 2015
Label Tact Recordings

1. Transcendental State (Opening Sequence)
2. Memory Echoes
3. Amber feat. Rachel K Collier
4. Indigo
5. Channelling (Interlude)
6. Distance (Fighting Resistance) feat. Rachel K Collier
7. Memories Of Tomorrow
8. Equinox
9. Willow
10. Fresh Spring

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