1988 EP by Idem Nevi

Requested Soul Records co-founder Idem Nevi takes charge of his impressive label's fourth release with three powerful techno tracks.

1988 EP by Idem Nevi Photo by Valentin Popineau

Hailing from the South of France and now based in Paris, Idem Nevi has a compelling sound ranging from melodic to driving. He has picked up fans such as Richie Hawtin (who licensed one of Nevi's tracks for his CLOSER App), Slam, and Marco Carola for his work as well as playing key clubs and festivals around Europe. His own music has established this label as one of the most innovative new imprints in the game and that continues with three tracks that show off yet another side to the producer.

Each one of these gems has been road-tested to great effect before now and it is no surprise given their mix of big room kicks and trippy melodies. Standout opener "1988" powerfully invites you to enter a hypnotic rave vibe. It has bright synth stabs shooting over the face of the tack while the bulky drums march below.

The quality continues on "Northern Lights" which has delightful melodies and a real intensity thanks to the epic synths and overwhelming emotions. Finally, the tough and steel-plated "Daemon" is a massively energetic and aggressive track that keeps you locked in a state of constant tension from start to finish.

Idem Nevi - 1988 EP
Release Date December 2020
Label Requested Soul Records

1. 1988
2. Northern Lights
3. Daemon

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