1994 EP by Hi, I'm Jack

Spin Lizzy Records launches with a two-track acid house EP, entitled 1994 EP, by label co-founder Hi, I'm Jack.

1994 EP by Hi, I'm Jack Art by Spin Lizzy Records

The debut EP from Adelaide-based artist Hi, I'm Jack sees the local party promoter expand their Spin Lizzy event series into a brand new record label. With a focus on organic drums and high-pitched bleeps "1994" is a perfect opening salvo and a real statement of intent from this Australian imprint.

The aptly named track "Acid" kicks things off with a four-to-the-floor groove and rich 303's squelching high and low, occasionally broken up by a recurrent, mysterious voice. "The dark" mixes up the formula, adding intricate textures, lo-fi pads, and choral vocals that give off a futuristic yet evocative rave feel.

Hi, I'm Jack - 1994 EP
Release Date November 2022
Label Spin Lizzy Records

01. Acid
02. The dark

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.