Amun by Sounds of Khemit

Sounds of Khemit's latest various artists EP features three superb new takes that take inspiration from Amun, a primordial supreme Master in ancient Khemit.

Amun by Sounds of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit

Amun rose to prominence during the New Kingdom when his name was associated with Ra the light. As Amun-Ra he reigned for years and brought illumination, abundance, and order to the land of Khemit. His name Amoon, as the hieroglyphs depict, means the exalted one, the one that is placed at a high or powerful level.

In Sounds of Khemit, we learn from Amun as a strong example of a just king. He brought order to the land, he was a fair judge, a powerful visionary ruler, and a man that fights for the poor and weak. We are inspired by his visionary rule which gives us the strength to move forward in our fight, our mission to bring the light from the darkness.

Tanit's "Alwayb" opens up and immediately brings that sense of ancient mysticism that defines this label. The synths are intoxicating, the grooves detailed with plenty of percussions and the rolling bassline is sure to draw in the dance floor. Sydka's sublime "Control" is a heavier house rhythm with big kick drums and oversized bass making for a loose-limbed affair. Deft synth sequences rise up and down the sale to make for a most atmospheric mood. Last, of all, Nhii & Zababa combine to great effect on "Etoile Filante" which is a spiritual deep house call to action. Once the groove is established with tumbling synths and drums, spine-tingling vocals hang in the air during an enchanting breakdown. When the drums arrive again a spell will be cast on all who hear it.

Various Artists - Amun
Release Date October 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. Tanit - Alwayb
02. Sydka - Control
03. Nhii, Zababa - Etoile Filante

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