Balder EP by Trulz & Robin present: Ksmisk

Marking the first output of Cymasonic's offshoot vinyl-only label, the Balder EP is a 200 copy, hand-stamped entry into the world of Cymawax.

Balder EP by Trulz & Robin present: Ksmisk Photo by Dag Knudsen

There's no better way to start than with four quality tracks of hot and crunchy Norwegian techno with soul by Trulz & Robin, under their new moniker for otherworldly machine sounds: Ksmisk. The duo from Oslo have been a force in Norway's electronic music scene for over two decades, but their current project is set to bend and exceed all expectations.

The title track makes full use of spacial effects to create the kind of landscape deserving of the cavernous exchange of industrial rooms or the breathing walls of smaller sweatboxes. Its energetic arpeggiation carries the driving, raw bass line home. Less linear and more neurotic, "Jonson" squelches its way into existence. Next, "Water" is as fluid as the name suggests, using deep, delayed dub chords to sustain listeners during its eight-minute life.

Finally, the release ends on "Tehjerk" which is full of electricity, heavily charged with distortion and powerful drums before opening up into a euphoric waterfall of melodies. It's fitting that this chronicle should end up pressed onto wax, a monument to the physical launch of Cymawax and Trulz & Robin presenting Ksmisk.

Trulz & Robin present: Ksmisk - Balder EP
Release date 3rd March 2015
Label Cymasonic Recordings & Wax

1. Balder
2. Jonson
3. Water
4. Tehjerk

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