Camagu by Augusto Yepes feat. Tabia

Colombia's influential Afro house artist Augusto Yepes lands on Amémé's One Tribe Records with Camagu.

Camagu by Augusto Yepes feat. Tabia Photo by Michael Poselski

Augusto Yepes is a distinguished talent who blends the many different aspects of his heritage, from Latin to Afro, with melodic and tech house leanings. He has Spotify fans in more than 180 countries and has made it into Beatport's Top 3 on multiple occasions with his outings on the likes of MoBack, Wired, and Redolent. Featured guest Tabia is a unique and in-demand voice in the underground with credits on the likes of My Other Side of the Moon, Calamar Records, and Abracadabra Music, amongst many more. 

The fantastic "Camagu" is an immediate call to the dance floor with its steel-plated Afro drums and upright kicks. Wispy synth details bring a futuristic feel next to the earthy tribalism of the percussion, while Tabia's vocals are superb. Her crystal-clear tones deliver soul cries that ring out loud and empower all who hear them.

Augusto Yepes feat. Tabia - Camagu
Release Date 26th April 2024
Label One Tribe Records

01. Camagu (Original Mix)
02. Camagu (Extended Mix)

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