Cash & Rocket Tour 2021

Cash and Rocket is a fundraising tour through Europe. A 4 day driven fund-race with more than 80 successful business ladies mixed with outstanding cars.

Cash & Rocket Tour 2021 Photo by Cash & Rocket

The Cash & Rocket Tour 2021 will start in June in the lovely city of Barcelona, Spain. The 2021 tour will not only take 80 ladies from Barcelona to Florence but amazing stops in Provence and Milan are also on the schedule.

Together with their Partners, they have organized wonderful events and surprises along the way, not only to raise money for their charities but also to thank all of the ladies for their generosity with their time, efforts and fundraising.

About Cash & Rocket
Cash & Rocket was founded by Julie Brangstrup in 2011 with a vision of creating a united community of like-minded, powerful women whose common goal is to strive for equality through education.

Each year, 80 powerful women drive in 40 red cars to create a vision of strength and solidarity among women while raising money for worthy charities with a goal of changing the world by providing safety and education to women and children in need. The cars are red, the women are dressed as a team and operate as a strong unit throughout the 4-day tour. During the tour, we attend various fundraising events and press calls. We eat, sleep, dance, and drive together. The feeling of solidarity and support that we create among our drivers is something that is indescribable and has built lifelong bonds.

It is our unorthodox and attention-grabbing approach that has resulted in worldwide media coverage and over 5.2 million pounds raised to date.

Each year, we seek new talented, strong, influential, and resilient women who are leaders in business, politics, fashion, arts, philanthropy to join us. Many of us are mothers and all of us are daughters. We are united by the belief that women working together are a powerful force for awareness and change.

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