Cause by Jamal Dixon

Newark native Jamal Dixon steps up to FatCat Records with a standout new single that comes with remixes from Pleasure Planet, Disruptive Pattern Material, and Tyler Pope.

Cause by Jamal Dixon Photo by FatCat Records

Dixon spent his early days engrossed in New York's club scene, working at the legendary Tunnel, all while frequenting Timmy Regisford's Shelter parties. He eventually earned his own residencies at APT and 205 and is now a head-turning techno producer who since 2020 has landed on labels such as Rhythm Section, Bastard Jazz, and Nylon Traxx. He also runs the monthly Shadows Of Tomorrow radio show on London's LooseFM which shows off his broad love of music of all genres.

His excellent "Cause" is robust and trippy techno cut with cantering and bulky drums. Edgy synth motifs ripple away up top to bring some late-night menace to the dance floor. The analog texture, looped vocals, and ever-increasing percussive intensity make this a real weapon.

First to remix are Jamal's old friends Pleasure Planet aka Andrew Potter, Kim Ann Foxman, and Brian Hersey. They flip it into a mysterious acid cut that sinks you in deep and keeps you there with elastic bass and all manner of whistles stabs and freaky effects. Disruptive Pattern Material is a Michigan-born producer and DJ raised on Detroit techno and deep house who debuted to great acclaim on Rekids last year. 

His version is pure rave, with driving and dynamic drums, synths that keep you looking over your shoulder, and a subtle sense of darkness. The last remixer Tyler Pope is another friend of Jamal and the pair connected over music in the mid-2000s in NYC. His take on the original is more serene with smeared synths softening the bristling drums with a sense of forlorn soul. It's a suspensory track that will keep you moving above the dance floor.

Jamal Dixon - Cause
Release Date June/July 2022
Label FatCat Records

01. Cause
02. Cause (Pleasure Planet Remix)
03. Cause (Disruptive Pattern Material remix)
04. Cause (Tyler Pope Remix)

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