Chance EP by Özgur Can

Stockholm's Özgur Can brings his atmospheric house style to two new tunes on Stripped Down Records, while a Sasha Carassi remix completes this fantastic package.

Chance EP by Özgur Can Art by Stripped Down Records

Özgur Can is a producer and audio engineer who has been putting out all manner of house, tech, and prog fusions since 2003. He also releases Autonomi amongst other aliases and has landed on established labels like Truesoul, Cocoon, and Sincopat.

He kicks off this latest missive with the dark and sultry "Chance". Spoken-word vocals lend the heavy groove and warped bassline real intimacy while tension builds through the sleek synths. It all adds up to a perfectly heady house track for those cozy dancefloor moments. "We In Minor" is another well-crafted, deep-cut house groove, but this one has a more expansive, epic sense of drama. The busy cosmic synth sequences bring the track to life and ensure maximum impact.

Sasha Carassi might be an Italian veteran but he is still filled with fresh ideas and always brings that to the fore with his big techno tunes on Drumcode, Unrilis, and Diynamic. His superb remix keeps you on a tantalizing knife-edge. It has bright, sharp synths cutting through the rubbery bass while an ever-present sense of turbulence unfolds up top.

The Chance EP is a high drama, richly melodic house offering from two mainstays of the scene.

Özgur Can - Chance EP
Release Date 2nd July 2021
Label Stripped Down Records

1. Özgur Can feat. - Chance
2. Özgur Can - We In Minor
3. Özgur Can - We In Minor (Sasha Carassi Remix)

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