Cuba, Get Physical!

Cuba, Get Physical! is a new various artists series curated by Cuban pair PAUZA. This EP features music from them, Okanan, Kike Wolf, and Joan Coffigny.

Cuba, Get Physical! Art by Get Physical Music

The Get Physical label has spent much of its recent time partnering with local DJs and party crews around the world in a bid to build awareness around local scenes. Previous chapters have drawn on the musical talents of Africa, India, Detroit & Croatia and now it is the turn of this most storied of musical islands to take its turn. Cuba, Get Physical!

The collection shines a light on the rich house sounds of the Caribbean country and kicks off with Havana's Pauza. Paula Fernandez and Zahira Seanchez's "Caliente" is a sun-kissed, deeply musical house track with tender Spanish vocals from Cuban singer-songwriter Arema Arega. It is then Okana who offers "Asere", a stripped-back and shuffling house cut with a warm and oversized bassline. The gentle bell sounds and tinkling percussion detail the beats, as do rolling hand drums that instantly bring the Cuban vibes.

Kike Wolf is Enrique Maresma, a DJ and producer and one of the founders of the acid techno movement in Cuba. His "Tropical Interference" is a lively cut run-through with fizzing synths, Afro drum patterns, and jumbled percussion that brings irresistible Latin flair. Last of all is Havana's Joan Coffigny, an event organizer and key force in the scene with credits on labels like Confederation Records and Roland Ultra. He mixes up rich percussive patterns and scattered hits with Spanish vocal chants. The kinky house grooves are full of color and emotion and bring a sunny feel to any DJ set.

This is a fantastic taster of the rich array of underground sounds coming out of Cuba.

Various Artists - Cuba, Get Physical!
Release Date 25th November 2022
Label Get Physical Music

01. PAUZA, Arema Arega - Caliente
02. Okanan - Asere
03. Kike Wolf - Tropical Interference
04. Joan Coffigny - Roots

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