Cuddling Monsters_CM Vol. 01 by Cuddling Monsters

Mask Records's ZentaSkai & Laura Merino Allue announce vinyl-only underground house and techno series as Cuddling Monsters.

Cuddling Monsters_CM Vol. 01 by Cuddling Monsters Photo by Mask Records

Cuddling Monsters serve up the first vinyl-only volume of a new self-titled series on Berlin-based Mask Records. All four cuts explore deep and classy techno, dub, and house soundscapes with the aim of rediscovering the soul of electronic music and forming new bonds between human creativity and technological innovations.

Cuddling Monsters is the coming together of creative partners ZentaSkai and Laura Merino Allue. ZentaSkai is the MASK founder recognised for his immersive, hypnotic groove, and Allue is a fashion and graphic designer. They are newly assembled under this alias but have a long-time love of vinyl and analogue machines, which shows in their sounds.

Crafting music with analogue instruments holds profound importance in the contemporary musical landscape. Despite the omnipresence of digital technology, analogue instruments maintain a pivotal role, offering distinctive sonic qualities, creative constraints, and genuine sound reproduction. The tactile, hands-on connection.
Cuddling Monsters

The superbly deep and atmospheric "Lucky Star" is a dubby minimal cut with a deft rhythm and warm pads that are perfect for cozy back rooms. The absorbing "Crystal Growing" is another stripped-back techno roller with rubbery drums and pensive chords that lock you into a state of meditation. Up next is the mighty "Floating Tank," which pairs gorgeous ambient synths with driving drums. It's a great coming together of the physical and the emotional that will take dance floors to the next level. "Analog Dreams" shuts down with more perfectly smoky pads and grainy, lo-fi atmospheres as slick but driving drums power onwards.

Cuddling Monsters - Cuddling Monsters_CM Vol. 01
Release Date March 2024
Label Mask Records

01. Lucky Star
02. Crystal Growing
03. Floating Tank
04. Analog Dreams

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