Elisa Bee presents Devotion EP

Elisa Bee returns to Ben Sims' Hardgroove with the Devotion EP this month.

Elisa Bee presents Devotion EP Photo by Elisa Bee/Hardgroove

Following Elisa Bee's 2022 "Send Me a Vision EP," the Italian DJ/Producer returns to Ben Sims' prized Hardgroove imprint with the five-track "Devotion EP" this October.

A true master of rhythm, Elisa Bee takes no prisoners in "Devotion," always riding the groove effortlessly and lacing her techno with classic-sounding yet refreshing funk. Machine-like modular bleeps run rampant in "Jam Thing" with the pacey and uncompromising "Boiling Point" hot on its heels.

Next up, the dubbed-out sequences of "Dawn Time" reflect off subtle percussion hits before she teams up with His Majesty Andre to deliver "The Answer," a retro techno offering to get the dancefloor bouncing.

Elisa Bee - Devotion EP
Release Date 20th October 2023
Label Hardgroove

01. Elisa Bee - Devotion
02. Elisa Bee - Jam Thing
03. Elisa Bee - Boiling Point
04. Elisa Bee - Dawn Time
05. Elisa Bee & His Majesty Andre - The Answer

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