Focused Abundance 888 Hz by Desna

Frequency Made Music founder DESNA delivers her first music on the label for 2023, harnessing the 888 Hz frequency across her new five-track EP, Focused Abundance 888 Hz.

Focused Abundance 888 Hz by Desna Photo by Frequency Made Music

New York-based DJ/producer DESNA is back with her latest release on her own label, Frequency Made Music. Continuing her unique approach of integrating healing frequencies within her original music, the Brooklyn artist aims to aid listeners by harnessing the power of 888Hz for her latest exploration. Following the successful launch of the imprint with her "IN Hz" EP in October 2022, the multi-disciplined talent has been steadily gaining support from industry heavyweights, and with "Focused Abundance 888 Hz", she looks to solidify her rise further and continue introducing a new genre of electronic music that is both creative and purposeful.

The new five-track EP is crafted and designed to help listeners achieve mental and emotional balance, focusing on aiding stress relief, improved focus, and energy alignment while combining her signature style of house and techno with the qualities of 888Hz.

Every track in this EP was created with the 888 Hz frequency. I've found that 888 Hz helps with focus and stress relief. Focus on how you spend your time, how you amplify your time with your focus, and strengthen relationships by focusing on those who want to see you blessed. In 2023, there is no time for a lack of mentality. It's beneficial to have an abundant mindset by implementing a healthy routine structure to meet your goals. The sequence 888 has multiple meanings to different people. Some say it's an abundant Hz which, as you know, whatever you assign meaning to becomes your own truth.

The title track "Focused Abundance 888 Hz" is a slow-blooming descent into eerie tones and shadowy spheres, before the resonant lead synths grab the focus and guide the track on a captivating journey through rich soundscapes, while "Focused Abundance 888 Hz Part 2" veers into tougher realms with impactful kicks and warping low-ends marching forth beneath warped vocal snippets. 

Next, "Bankroll 888 Hz" sees DESNA showcase her house-meets-techno style to its fullest, with dubby chords and subtle hats offset by the track's ever-building balance of tension and suspense for an intense ride into the late night hours. "Bulls Eye Breaks 888 Hz" is a kinetically charged percussive workout packed full of energy and drive, before closing via the serene, enchanting, and dreamy melodies of the gorgeously crafted "Worship Interlude 888 Hz".

Desna - Focused Abundance 888 Hz
Release Date March 2023
Label Frequency Made Music

1. Focused Abundance 888 Hz
2. Focused Abundance 888 Hz Part 2
3. Bankroll 888 Hz
4. Bulls Eye Breaks 888 Hz
5. Worship Interlude 888 Hz

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