Four! Beats! EP by Will Hofbauer

Will Hofbauer debuts on Aus Music with his four-track EP, Four! Beats!.

Four! Beats! EP by Will Hofbauer Art by Aus Music

Will Hofbauer has been carving out his idiosyncratic niche in dance music for the past few years, with releases on Rinse FM, Wisdom Teeth, and Third Place receiving critical acclaim. He has also received high-profile co-signs from the likes of Ben UFO, rRoxymore, Lukas Wigflex, Dr Banana, and now Will Saul and his indomitable Aus Music imprint.

Hofbauer's "Ah! Bats!" is up first on "Four! Beats!", featuring a speedy dembow beat, rowdy vocal chops, and a call-back, signature use of subtle animal sounds that fit right in. The aptly named "8 Bar Baile" is next, a baile funk track built up like 8-bar grime, swapping rhythm in every section for a high-energy, peak-time affair.

The smooth and introspective house cut ‘Scrumble' then sees whimsical bursts of synths splash on top of delicate drums before Will Hofbauer's "Moss On" dives deeper underwater with a loose arrangement and tripped-out instrumentation.

Will Hofbauer - Four! Beats! EP
Release Date March 2024
Label Aus Music

01. Ah! Bats!
02. 8 Bar Baile
03. Scrumble
04. Moss On

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