High by Latmun

Latmun returns to Lee Foss's flagship Repopulate Mars imprint with a punchy two-tracker entitled High.

High by Latmun Photo by Repopulate Mars

The Repopulate Mars regular Latmun delivers his first release of 2020 following a busy year touring the likes of Tokyo, NYC, Buenos Aires, Turin and London, playing at BPM Festival, DC10, Womb and Printworks to name a few. With previous releases on Hot Creations, Relief, elrow and Sola, the UK-based producer and DJ now heads back to the Los Angeles imprint with another club-ready release.

"High" opens with a distinctly warm and bubbling Latmun bassline, a catchy vocal snippet, guitar licks and electric claps. Next, "Ready And Willing" then thumps up the energy with zappy synths, swung percussion, sharp snares, chopped up vocals and fluttering sax-like stabs on the breaks.

Latmun - High
Release Dat
e March 2020
Label Repopulate Mars

1. High
2. Ready And Willing

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