Nowhere to Follow EP by Collé

Amsterdam's Collé arrives on Bedouin's Human By Default this autumn with the magical Nowhere to Follow EP.

Nowhere to Follow EP by Collé Photo by Human By Default

Following releases on the likes of DGTL, Anjunadeep, Point In Time, and many more, the Dutch DJ/producer Collé turns to Bedouin's Human By Default for his latest offering, a four-track EP of dream-like house cuts.

Leading the release, title track "Nowhere to Follow" brings bubbling FX and rumbling low end alongside powerful singing, leading into "Jessica's Dream" featuring vocals from Jessica Zese, the bouncing basslines, and twinkling synths develop into a dramatic arrangement before the chugging, organic drums of "Ojalá" provide a bed for syncopated hits and floating pads. Closing out the EP, "On The Run" sees shimmering instrumentalism, evolving atmospherics, and sharp percussive elements, adding yet another sublime release to Human By Default's catalog.

Collé - Nowhere to Follow EP
Release Date September 2021
Label Human By Default

01. Nowhere to Follow
02. Jessica's Dream feat. Jessica Zese
03. Ojalá
04. On the Run

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