Hilo by Dorian Craft & Baron

Dorian Craft & Baron link up for a sublime new outing on Bedouin's cultured Human By Default label.

Hilo by Dorian Craft & Baron Photo by Human By Default

Craft is still riding high off his recent album Temporary Bliss on Diversions Music, which found the Paris-based talent laying out his unique take on melodic and afro-house across eleven immersive tracks. It comes after years of being a core part of the scene, a go-to for artists like Black Coffee and Bedouin, and a regular on the likes of MoBlack and Connected and Diversions Music. Here, he joins forces with countryman Baron, a French DJ/Producer with a progressive musical influence from jazz and afro with a unique style, supported by the likes of Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, and Bedouin while signing with labels like One Tribe Records, MoBlack, Monaberry, Azzur.

"The idea of this project with Baron naturally grew out of our yearly Tulum retreat. We wanted an EP that could resonate with a wide range of DJs without sacrificing our melodic, organic imprint," says Dorian Craft, and that is precisely what they have managed.

Opener "Hilo" features ARKADYAN & P.Rivas, and is a beguiling mix of Latino and acid sounds. The rumbling bass anchors dancers to the floor while the expressive vocals bring an exotic sense of soul that takes you into all new worlds. The excellent "Paradigm" then dives deep into a richly melodic world that will douse dance floors in dreamy delight. It's a track that suspends your senses next to deft pads and soft shakers and is another escapist gem from this pair.

Dorian Craft & Baron feat. ARKADYAN & P.Rivas - Hilo
Release Date February 2024
Label Human By Default

01. Dorian Craft & Baron feat ARKADYAN & P.Rivas - Hilo
02. Baron & Dorian Craft - Paradigm

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