I Hope This Email Finds You Well In These Strange & Uncertain Times EP by Tableland

Accomplished Girls of the Internet producer serves up a third EP under his own new project, Tableland continuing to offer up masterfully crafted sounds.

I Hope This Email Finds You Well In These Strange & Uncertain Times EP by Tableland Photo by Tableland

The Tableland imprint started late last year and made a quick impression with its first two releases picking up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Dan Curtin, rRoxymore, Machine Woman, and many more. The man behind Tableland is also the producer behind the timeless project Girls of the Internet who have put out various 12 inches and a fine full length on Drab Queen. Inspired by the likes of Daniel Bell, Interplanetary Assault Systems, and Claude Young, this solo alias now gives rise to six more enticingly deep and pensive house and techno cuts that were made in quarantine.

Lush opener "20 Minutes Into The Future" is rolling house with molten chords draped over the top. It's a warm, melodic sound that washes over you and gets you in the groove. The amusingly entitled ‘Bloat Party' picks up the energy with a syncopated beat that swagger beatnik more harmonic chords. There's a bristling sense of groove that gets you on your toes and that continues with the techno leaning, a late-night driving tune that is "It Came From The Nightosphere". Supple kicks power you along as astral synth planes and acid leads all race into the future. The more late-night "Green Love" has rubbery synth lines wrapping round each other, with alien sound effects, plenty of studio tricks, and deep drums all adding to the meditative afterparty effect. 

"Birdland" is a cavernous dub techno track that races along at an infectious speed, with crisp percussion adding bite as a free-roaming lead meanders up and down the mix to cathartic and alluring effect. Closing out this classy EP in style is "Nostalgia For Times We Don't Remember", a plaintive downtempo track with gorgeous chords and plenty of open space in which to get lost

Tableland - I Hope This Email Finds You Well In These Strange & Uncertain Times EP
Release Date August 2020
Label Tableland

1. 20 Minutes Into The Future
2. Bloat Party
3. It Came From the Nightosphere
4. Green Love
5. Birdland
6. Nostalgia For Times We Don't Remember

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