It's Our Time EP by Leone510

Rome's Leone510 releases his It's Our Time EP on Lorenzo Dada's Electronic Music Division this February.

It's Our Time EP by Leone510 Photo by Laura Cesaretti

Run by Lorenzo Dada, Electronic Music Division is the record label of Centro Studi Musical Roma, a music academy in Rome founded in 1983. Having debuted in 2018 with the "Today" EP on his Vonsail label, the Rome-based Leone510, aka Giordano Leone, draws upon an emotive and rich palette of sounds for his first release on Dada's imprint, the three-track "It's Our Time EP".

Leading the release, the title cut "It's Our Time" sees melancholic melodies and atmospheric pads swirl together over sharp, propulsive drums, making for an engaging and moving piece. "Kiss The Rain" follows, with floating arpeggios drifting across a full-bodied low end as injections of sampled noise puncture through the mix.

Rounding out the release is "Labyrinth", a deep drum & bass-inspired jam. Dulcet bass tones, jazzy chords, and rattling breakbeats combine for a psychedelic-tinged experience, closing out the EP in refined style.

Leone510 - It's Our Time EP
Release Date February 2022
Label Electronic Music Division

1. It's Our Time
2. Kiss The Rain
3. Labyrinth

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