Joué by Hyperactive Leslie

Hyperactive Leslie announces the Joué EP on Airfono Records, featuring a remix from Versatile Records stalwart I:Cube.

Joué by Hyperactive Leslie Art by Airfono Records

Following 2020's "Al.go.ritm" on Joakim's Crowdspacer imprint, Hyperactive Leslie readies his latest offering with France's Airfono Records, delivering a dense six-track EP of IDM infused, high fidelity electronics.

Opening track "Aphex" stays true to its namesake as clattering breaks meet with off-kilter FM tones and noise hits, leading to title track "Joué", a crunching low tempo delight that brings delicate synthesis and fluttering percussion to the forefront. "Touché" follows with a steady drum pattern under piano experimentations and flourishes leading into bulbous FX.

"Tripplets" ups the tempo with rough, syncopated drums intertwining with head-spinning abstractions, before "Memory" takes a trippy detour through thick modular-esque production and robotic whirs. Rounding out the release, French DJ/producer I:Cube extends "Memory" into a winding journey of floating pads, noisy FX, and rumbling atmospherics for a striking close to the EP.

Airfono is a label dedicated to original and spectacular projects, with the ambition to present a mix of energy, futuristic grooves, and festive spirit. From jazz to techno, Airfono is a home for experimentation and musical freedom. Real name Antonin Leymarie, Hyperactive Leslie trained at Hector Berlioz Conservatoire and studied Jazz at CNSM in Paris, creating the "Imperial" company and collective in 2009. Additionally, he has toured with contemporary circus company Les Colporteurs and played in Magnetic Ensemble, releasing the album "Rainbow" in 2018.

Hyperactive Leslie - Joué
Release Date June 2021
Label Airfono Records

01. Aphex
02. Joué
03. Touché
04. Tripplets
05. Memory
06. Memory (I:Cube Remix)

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