KMA EP by Dennis Cruz

MÜSE co-founder Dennis Cruz delivers his own two-track EP entitled KMA EP on the label.

KMA EP by Dennis Cruz Photo by MÜSE

A leading artist within the house music landscape, Madrid's Dennis Cruz continues to develop and solidify his position not only as a DJ and producer at the top of his game but also as a blossoming label boss and A&R with two imprints to his name. 

Having founded MÜSE alongside fellow Solid Grooves resident and rising talent Eddy M in May 2019, the Spaniard now heads home to kickstart the label's second year of operation as he keeps up his impressive pace and output of releases in 2020 with "KMA", a two-track EP packed full of signature grooves and infectious rhythms.

Opening the EP, the title cut "KMA" welcomes a slick blend of crisp drum shots and bumping low-ends beneath commanding vox interjections and soaring leads, before the slinking and lively "I Can't Go To Sleep" harnesses snaking percussion and filtered vocal snippets to close proceedings via a rolling production charged full of energy.

Dennis Cruz - KMA EP
Release Date June 2020
Label MÜSE

1. KMA
2. I Can't Go To Slee

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