Lost Tales by Jay Lumen

Jay Lumen drops a new album, appropriately titled Lost Tales, via his Footwork imprint comprised of a medley of productions he's been road testing over the years.

Lost Tales by Jay Lumen Photo by Footwork

“My 'Lost Tales' album is a special collection of unique tracks that I've never released before - tales that were never told. Most of the tracks had been dreamed up previously but never physically written. Some of them may have been started and tested but then stayed in an unfinished phase, never reaching their final form. I’ve now compiled all of these "Lost Tales" into one massive album.” - Jay Lumen

Appearing on Drumcode, Saved, 100% Pure and Octopus Records, Jay Lumen has certainly earned his stripes when it comes to releasing on high-profile labels. Likewise as a performer Lumen is in very high demand, reflecting on a globetrotting year appearing in Miami, London, Amsterdam, Detroit, Barcelona and Toronto. The international DJ and producer is now set to drop his debut album on Footwork, a year after the imprint’s launch.

Lumen takes no prisoners from the off, kick-starting proceedings with cavernous cuts ‘Pulsar’ and ‘System’. Tracks like ‘Lost Tales’, ‘Old Machines’ and ‘Passion 303’ are ominous productions built on muscular kicks and echoing stabs, whereas the likes of ‘I Am’, ‘Quiet Storm’ and ‘Azure’ provide more atmospheric and mesmerising alternatives.

Crunchy snares and piercing melodies form ‘Black Stabs’, before ‘Fallen Angels’ reduces the tempo with intricate percussion and a cacophony of synths. The down tempo ‘Outer Space’ then concludes the package with syncopated drums, tranquil melodies and epic pads.

Jay Lumen - Lost Tales
Release Date 17th October 2016
Label Footwork

1. Pulsar (Original Mix)
2. System (Original Mix)
3. Lost Tales (Original Mix)
4. Old Machines (Original Mix)
5. I am (Original Mix)
6. Passion 303 (Original Mix)
7. Quiet Storm (Original Mix)
8. Azure (Original Mix)
9. Black Stabs (Original Mix)
10. Fallen Angels (Instrumental Mix)
11. Outer Space (End Title)

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