Monty Luke presents Nightdubbing (Part 2)

Monty Luke unveils the second part of Nightdubbing on Rekids this month.

Monty Luke presents Nightdubbing (Part 2) Art by Rekids

Kicking off Rekids' January, Monty Luke's "Nightdubbing (Part 1)" won the support of Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Fred P, and many more. Radio Slave's esteemed label now readies itself for part two, starting with "Supernova," a slow-burning groover shot through with whirly synths and deep space textures, broken up by retro vocal samples. "Starstorms" continues to explore the deepest reaches of the unknown, picking up pace via shaker rhythms, driving bass, and raw foot-on-the-pedal pads.

Up next is Monty Luke's "New World / Old Future," in which scratch-like drums, dubbed-out hits, and a rolling rhythm are all in perfect order before the psychedelic "Avantgarde Dancehall" introduces wonky liquid sonics and intricate melodies over a steady beat. Closing this eclectic offering, "Travelling ‘Round The Sun" features drums rooted in dub alongside spoken word poetry, rounding off a release that is storytelling at its best.

Monty Luke spent ten formative years in Detroit, where the city's unique musical spirit influenced him immensely. He has since distilled this experience into the music he has put out on labels like Rekids, Planet-E, Hypercolour, and his own Black Catalogue. His raw, dub-infused sound comes with plenty of futuristic designs, with this second part of "Nightdubbing" continuing to push the boundaries of his music.

Monty Luke - Nightdubbing (Part 2)
Release Date February 2024
Label Rekids

01. Supernova
02. Starstorms
03. New World / Old Future
04. Avantgarde Dancehall
05. Travelling ‘Round The Sun

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