New Beginnings by Desna

Desna opens 2024 with the aptly titled New Beginnings as the Frequency Made Music founder takes a deep dive into concepts and ideas around focus, exploring the 40Hz and 100Hz frequencies across her latest three-track EP.

New Beginnings by Desna Photo by Frequency Made Music

With each release that passes, Frequency Made Music founder Desna's impressive ascent continues as she crafts her own platform, space and genre within electronic music harnessed around the implementation of healing frequencies. Following a notable debut year for the label, including a Beatport #1 release chart placement and over 500,000 streams, plus Desna's inclusion in Beatportal's "Our Our Radar" series highlighting exciting artists to know of and collaborations in the works with leading festival organisers, 2024 looks set to bring an even more extensive array of achievements and projects - starting with the label's first release of the year, "New Beginnings."

Centred around focus, the three-track release once again sees Desna inspired by frequencies that have a therapeutic benefit. The 40 Hz frequency is currently being researched to aid the symptoms of Alzheimer's after initial studies proved listening to it improved memory and concentration. With a higher frequency than beta, 40 Hz and 100 Hz help in memory recall and increased cognitive enhancement - providing a different way of thinking and a sign of creativity.

I'm fascinated by sound research in medicine, and feel inspired to consciously create with frequencies I can find literature on.

Opening her most driving collection of tracks to date, "Deliverance 40 Hz" takes the reigns and leads from the front with authority, merging an expertly crafted balance of dark and light as propulsive bass patterns and punchy kicks work beneath twisted synths and alluring female vocal interludes. Next, "Fortune Focu$ed 40 Hz" keeps the energy high and spirals further into the night as sharp claps, tunnelling grooves and more trippy vocal snippets form a hypnotic web, while "Brain Activation 100 Hz" closes proceedings with a no-nonsense rousing ride through spiralling synthesisers, gritty textures and signature dubby chords.

Desna - New Beginnings
Release Date February 2024
Label Frequency Made Music

1. Deliverance 40 Hz
2. Fortune Focu$ed 40 Hz
3. Brain Activation 100 Hz

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