Nine Hundred Lives by Heidi Sabertooth

Heidi Sabertooth releases the Nine Hundred Lives EP for the label New York Trax this month.

Nine Hundred Lives by Heidi Sabertooth Photo by Seze Devres

Following appearances on Ellen Allien's UFO Inc and Bpitch Control, Lobster Theremin, and many more, NYC-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Heidi Sabertooth readies her first appearance on New York Trax this January, turning in a fierce four-track EP of gritty hardware techno jams.

Leading the release, "Be My ISM" brings raw and crunching percussion alongside grinding low end for a high-energy start to the EP. The fast-paced "Jupiter Calling" follows, raising the tempo to 150bpm as pounding kicks meet grinding, machinist percussion while trippy synthesis unfurls towards the tail end of the track.

On the flip, "Welcome 2 Mirror World" sees warped acid lines and sizzling percussion bring a dark and moody atmosphere, before "You Must Have 10000 Followers (For Me To Book You)" closes out the release. A jittery slice of bass-heavy electro, the punchy track makes use of squelchy synthesis, knocking drums, and an assortment of unruly sounds.

Heidi Sabertooth - Nine Hundred Lives
Release Date January 2022
Label NEW YORK TRAX Imports

01. Be My ISM
02. Jupiter Calling
03. Welcome 2 Mirror World
04. You Must Have 10000 Followers (For Me To Book You)

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