Ode To None by Shafkkat

Tariq Hussain aka Shafkkat announces debut EP Ode To None on the Camel Hump Records label.

Ode To None by Shafkkat Art by Camel Hump Records

Shafkkat is the moniker of Tariq Hussain, a South London based electronic music producer and DJ. Across his debut EP, Shafkkat demonstrates his ability to distill his influences into his own brand of slick electronica, taking in elements from house and techno through to hip hop and downtempo grooves to craft warm and exciting sounds.

Opening the release with "Omission", Shafkkat combines skippy drums with euphoric pads, imparting a sense of nostalgia as vocal cuts fly and synthesizer chops float around the stereo spectrum. "Mikol Felps" sees airy percussion and crunchy acid lines carry the track along, aiming straight for the dancefloor while paying close attention to production details.

Eerie drones and low slung drums carry "Ode To None" for close to eight minutes, with vocals from Muttley Huff and guitar from Sonny Rooney helping to constantly propel the track further into its own dark and mysterious direction. "Jubilee" rises from the murkiness of the penultimate track, with its bubbling chords and musical sensibilities working perfectly to create a warm and upbeat atmosphere to round off an impressive debut.

Shafkkat - Ode To None
Release Date November/December 2020
Label Camel Hump Records

01. Omission
02. Mikol Felps
03. Ode To None
04. Jubilee

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